Why does 5S sometimes fail?

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      Mike Wilson

      While the 5S methodology can be simple to understand and walk you through the steps of organization, some may not always find success. There are a handful of reasons why a 5S program may fail and if you happen to run into one it is important not to lose hope! Just rework your plan and try again. Some of these reasons may include:

      • Not enough worker involvement
      • Lack of direction
      • Failure to standardize

      If your facility has implemented or began working on a 5S program Have you faced any set backs? Share your experiences below!



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      Great topic! I’ve seen 5S fail because the team/company wasn’t invested. There was a lack of leadership and training. It’s essential if you are going to implement 5S to have a strong leader that understands the Lean/5S methodology. This comes down to the company you are working for to invest in the lean journey.

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