What are the steps to 5S?

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      Mike Wilson

      The name of the 5S methodology refers to the five Japanese terms that serve as the framework for organization: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. These Japanese terms have English translations that also begin with S. These steps and a brief description are as follows:

      • Sort: Go through the materials in a work space and keep only the items that are necessary to complete processes.
      • Set in order: Ensure every item has a home in the facility and organize tools and materials in a logical order.
      • Shine: Having a cleaned and shines area to work in can inspire worker confidence and productivity. This step can include mopping, sweeping, equipment maintenance, etc.
      • Standardize: Create organization and process standards to keep the momentum from the first three steps.
      • Sustain: It is important to maintain discipline! Conduct periodic reviews or audits of the workplace to ensure processes are still running smoothly and organization is still at the forefront of worker’s minds.

      Which step do you think is most important to the 5S system? Each step is important for the others’ success, but some can have more of an impact; let us know your thoughts in the discussion.

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      I believe Sustain is the most important step in 5S. Therefore, Sustain is also the hardest step out of the 5S steps. If you can’t conquer the Sustain step, then the 5S project will instantly fail. It’s essential to make sure you have every tool available (like a 5S Audit Sheet) for your employees to have a chance at success with the Sustain step.

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