What all is needed in a 5S kit?


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      Mike Wilson

      Given that 5S is a five-phase process of organization, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. In a Lean, 5S toolkit you are likely to find:

      • 5s Red Tags: Used to clearly mark items that need to be removed from the space.
      • 5S Audit Score Cards: Helps identify areas of improvement and where to focus your 5S efforts.
      • Labels: Key for organizing! Stop the wasted time looking for materials and tools by clearly labeling bins and shelves.
      • Color Reference Charts:
      • Floor Signs: Used to indicate the homes of larger items like trash cans or rolling work carts.
      • Pegboards + Vinyl Shadow Board Tape: Keep tools where everyone can see; tools are easier to locate and keep track of with shadow of the exact tools arranged on the pegboard.
      • Closed-Cell Foam: For larger tools that cannot be hung on a pegboard, thick foam is used in toolbox drawers.
      • Posters: Helps sustain your 5S efforts by providing workers of the organization standard in the cell.

      5S’ing a space for the first time can be difficult. What tools would you recommend for facilities looking to go Lean? Leave a comment below!

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