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    Although 5S can be considered a methodology and a philosophy, it is still a structured framework. While it will be important to begin with a loose plan of how your 5S strategy will go, I don’t think you need a detailed plan to have successful organization with 5S.


    Have you already implemented 5S in your workplace? If so do you think it is better to go in with a plan or wing it? Or, if you’re about to embark on a 5S journey, do you have a set plan to go off of? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments!

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    The best approach to implementing 5S within the workplace is to go in with a plan. I have found that training your employees first about 5S is the best approach. Everybody needs to have a clear understanding of the advantages of 5S. Also, your employees have the correct tools to begin their lean journey. This could be anything from 5S red tags, shadow boards, label printer, floor tape etc..

    I hope this helps!


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