Is 5S just for manufacturing?

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      Mike Wilson

      5S is often a core strategy associated with the Toyota Manufacturing System and Lean manufacturing, so it’s easy to guess 5S is used in the scope of manufacturing. While many articles and information out there on 5S is focused on how to use the framework in a manufacturing setting, it can truly be applied in any workplace and in any area of your life!

      While 5S is popularly mentioned in terms of manufacturing, simply use the same steps to organize a cubicle, a kitchen, a laboratory, a drawer, etc. From offices to healthcare, 5S can be used to improve organization in nearly any environment. When it’s used in other places you can still go through the steps of sorting and shining and still focus on visual communication for an effective strategy,

      Have you used the 5S methodology in other spaces than in manufacturing? Let us know where you have implemented 5S and what the results were in the discussion.

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      I have used 5S in the office setting and it works great! It can be surprising how a clean environment in the office can help streamline small tasks or help find things when they’re out of place. Basically, anything out of the ordinary will be obvious and point you in the right direction for potential improvement.

      Hope this helps.


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