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      By creating a quality work environment with 5S, companies are able to improve the quality of their products or services. Often referred to as a quality improvement tool, 5S is used to declutter spaces, organize workstations, and set them up to simplify tasks for workers. By eliminating wasteful activities from the production process, 5S increases the value and quality for customers. Other indirect benefits of 5S, like a safer workplace, also helps to boost quality of the output.

      Another way 5S improves quality is by reducing or eliminating wastes in the workspace, which in turn eliminates inefficiencies in the space and enhancing productivity. When implemented within a Lean framework and paired with Kaizen, the opportunities for quality improvement are limitless.

      Has your facility invested in the 5S methodology? Share below what changes in quality, no matter how big or small, your organization has experienced!

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