How can I sustain 5S?

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      Mike Wilson

      The fifth and final phase of 5S is sustain the efforts you made while implementing the methodology.  By the time you reach this step you should have sorted the space, rearranged it, cleaned it, and created standards for organization and processes.

      There are many different ways you could approach this step but the important thing to remember is to keep employees and management motivated and on track with the program. Some suggestions for sustaining 5S include:

      • Scheduling a dedicated time for staff to focus on cleaning and organizing.
      • Create a reward system for departments and employees as a way to show appreciation for their involvement with 5S.
      • Involve workers on a deeper level by forming a committee of employees and supervisors to oversee 5S implementation; rotate in new members every few months.
      • Post reminders of the importance of 5S and facility standards using posters, banners, floor signs, labels, etc.

      Going through the 5S program for the very first time involves some trial and error while you find what works for you facility. Has your facility already implemented 5S? Please share what you did to sustain your efforts and your experience!

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      Hi, when it comes to sustaining 5S, it’s essential to recognize that it is not simply just a destination but a journey that will evolve as processes continue to change over time. Team members need to take ownership of the “sustain” improvements and follow through with the SOP’s that were put in place. In essence, everyone needs to be on board and dedicated.

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