Does 5S improve safety?

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      Mike Wilson

      There is no doubt that 5S is a system focused on organizing workspaces and tidying up a facility. Even if you’ve decided against implementing the sixth S in 5S, you’re still likely to see an improvement to safety after 5S. By decluttering areas and ridding the space of unnecessary items, cleaning the area of grease and grime, and designating homes for equipment and tools will result in a safer area for workers to do their job.

      For those who have already completed a 5S program, did you notice any difference with safety? Let us know if safety improved with these steps or if you’ll be trying 6S instead.

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      When we implemented 6S within our facility, we noticed an immediate improvement in the number of near misses and safety incidents. Make sure safety is accounted for through each of the 5S steps.

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